‘Big brain thinking’: 3 men attempt to get sofa out of a window, hilarious video goes viral – WATCH

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“Masters at work, hopefully it was successful!”&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Three men were spotted trying to get a sofa out of a window
  • While one lowered the furniture down from the window, two others held sweeping brushes to ensure that the sofa didn’t come crashing down
  • The video ended before viewers could find if the attempt was successful

When you’re shifting houses, moving giant pieces of furniture is not something you can do alone. Even after getting a helping hand, you may have to apply bizarre techniques to get the task done.

One such incident happened when three men were captured on camera trying to get a sofa out of the house through an upper storey window, after presumably failing to fit it through the front door.


The clip, filmed in Dublin, Ireland, shows a man lowering the sofa towards the ground from the window. Two other men can be seen standing on a low wall outside the house. They use sweeping brushes to support the sofa so that it doesn’t come crashing down.

Watch the video here:

The men are able to lower the sofa to a level from where they could easily catch hold of it. However, the video ends with the sofa still hanging in the air and viewers were unable to find out whether their attempt was successful or not.

While some netizens were impressed with the technique, others said it would have been easier to unscrew one of the arms of the sofa.

One user said, “Masters at work, hopefully it was successful!” Another wrote, “It worked and saved hours because it obviously didn’t fit through a door, so they would have had to take it apart. They’re big brained.”

A third user posted, “That was actually pretty fantastic.” Yet another commented, “It would have been easier to unscrew one of the arms off.”

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