Kannada television actress Soujanya dies by suicide; hangs herself to death

In a tragic news in the world of showbiz, actress Soujanya died by suicide. According to reports, the actress hung herself to death in the confines of her apartment in Kumbalgodu in Bengaluru. The initial investigations revealed that the door was forced to be opened to find the actress’s mortal remains hanging in her room. The police have identified that she has a tattoo on her leg as one of the marks for identification.

While the initial reports suggest that the police have been trying to find more reasons on her personal life and if there were any reasons for her to take this drastic step by asking her family and colleagues, they have recovered a death note. The note states that she does not blame anyone else for this step and says she alone is responsible for her suicide. She also has asked for forgiveness from her parents. The note also states that while she does not have any health issues, she did suffer mentally from what she faced in life. She has also stated in the note that she thanks all those people who have helped her.

Soujanya has been a part of a few television serials and a couple of films too. The police are now looking for leads from those who she has worked with to understand what were the troubles that she faced in life to push her to take her own life. This news comes as a rude shock to the Kannada showbiz industry, where they already saw the suicide of actress Jayashree Ramaiah recently, who claimed she suffered from many mental issues owing to her struggle in showbiz. Actress Chaitra Kotoor of Bigg Boss Kannada fame too had attempted suicide earlier this year. The news of Soujanya’s death follows these two unfortunate incidents that the film industry saw this year.

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