Side effects from COVID boosters similar to second dose, as per CDC

Earlier in August, an Israeli survey showed that nearly 88 per cent people felt “similar” or “better” after taking Pfizer’s booster jab compared to how they felt in the days following receiving the second vaccine. Majority experienced similar or fewer side effects than their second dose, the survey showed.

Meanwhile, Anthony S. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on Tuesday said that he believes a booster shot for the mRNA coronavirus vaccines will be part of the “proper, complete regimen”, the Post reported

“Ultimately I believe that the optimal regimen for the vaccine for the mRNAs is going to include that third booster shot,” he was quoted as saying at the Atlantic Festival.

While it is not yet clear whether people will need a booster shot every year, third doses will be crucial, he added.

Vaccines are successful, yet booster shots are important as immunity wanes, Fauci said. He called “breakthrough infections” an “unfortunate terminology,” because the phrasing makes it seem as though the vaccines have failed.

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